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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

.HARE KRISHNA DEAR PARENTS ,its not just an coincidence that these 2 words resemble so much .MOTHER Nature has given unlimited warnings to people like floods, earthquakes, tsunami etc indicating how much angry she is with humans but yet we fail to show karuna (compassion) on other living entities .To make us feel how it makes others feel when we snatch animals independence ,their hard earned milk for their own kids.

How does man handle the animals specially mother cow she is tied with the rope full time deprived of fresh air direct sunlight and fresh food and cramped up with no space to move .On top of that she is feed medicinal food and harmonic injections to give more milk which destroys her body system .An life more miserable than death which she has to live her full life till she becomes old and sick .Then after her whole life's service of dedicating to human with her milk she has been gifted an very painful butchered death .

What we even do not do to our own enemies, we are doing daily to our dear most mother , are we proud to be such humans ? The pure white nectar of milk has been converted today into white poisonous hellish juice which has been created with the unlimited torcher and pain of our own mother .Such milk can only drown mankind into the ocean of sinful karmic reactions .IF one feels such milk is healthy then one really needs to question his inner consciousness and practical intelligence .Every action has an equal opposite reaction .What you give that comes back to you .Lets say bye to such mllk and substitute it with milk given by recognized responsible people taking care of Goshalas or then drink almond ,groundnut or coconut milk Lets not contribute to such torcher otherwise such viruses as an punishment like corona will keep coming up maybe name will be different & type of virus may be different . Lets change today before its too late ..

Lets live and Let others live.🙏🙏🙏


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