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Real Gem

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Hare Krishna , The most Real things and Real people means whats outside that should be inside .No hypocrisy ,no duplicity , no negativity , as you are starting from zero , hence its the best time to educate child about God ,philosophy scriptures is from 5 years .Children are the most Real Gems ,the most cute ,sweet, 🙏😍 tender, genuine innocent , an complete Gift package of Lord which he gives nearly everybody one day . You can mold the child in any way .For them their parents are their hero their whole world, their only love .Hence its for the parents to give their child the best,Let them do what they love the most discover their inner skills and develop that into talent. Give them knowledge about the Supreme Great Personalty LORD Sri Krishna through scriptures and most important give them lots of love with pure surroundings of devotional friends .

Just by seeing them we learn how to be happy, by speaking to them we learn innocence,by seeing them Grow we come to know whats advancement and by their reciprocation of love we Learn purity .We may not be able to become child again🤣😂🤣 but we could associate with them and get those qualities😃🙏🙃🙂😇😊

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